The image digitization of the "Polytechnisches Journal" is now completed and every volume exists as a facsimile. A search through all the already acquired and accumulated full texts is offered on our Laboratory-Website. In addition the access to the digitized data through the DFG Viewer has been enabled.

Facsimiles in Goobi

At this point, the complete content of the "Polytechnisches Journal" is on view as a facsimile. You can browse through the volumes and issues, number by number. Access to the digitized images is made possible through the METS - based Goobi Presentation System, which is continuously being developed further. A preview of the future capacities of the Viewer can be found in the side bar.

Full Texts on the Laboratory Website

Our Laboratory Website provides you with a search option for the full texts that displays the tables and figures directly from the text. information about about the people named in the articles have been embedded as links. This creates a quick access to every article of the "Polytechnisches Journal" including all bibliographical information. The Laboratory-Website operates directly through the TEI data and therefore perfectly mirrors the status of the tagging and supplementing of the volumes that have already been filed. Features that will be applied to Goobi at a later point are tested here first.

DFG Viewer

The DFG Viewer provides access to the digitized images by volume. the structure data of the METS data functions as a quick access from the index to single articles.