Image digitization

The digitization of the images at  SLUB Dresden is run by specialists using the newest technology. Prior to scanning each volume is tested on its specifics, such as plates, destroyed pages and notes which will have to be scanned separately. Then the complete set of volumes of the »Polytechnische Journal« was chronologically digitized by a scan-robot by Qidenus Technologies Wien at SLUB Dresden. This allows for colored images at high resolution while preserving the books by making use of a opening angle of 60 degrees at the most. 

As the binding of some of the early volumes is very tight, there are books which cannot be scanned by the robot. They require scanning by hand.


Abb. 1 Image of p. 374 (Vol. 001, 1820). The facsimile of Dinglers »Polytechnische Journal« serves as master for the following conversion.

Text digitization

Text digitization and (semi-)automatic encoding is executed by  Editura GmbH, an experienced service provider for digitization. The OCRed text is encoded and enriched according to the TEI-P5 guidelines. This step includes ›tagging‹ the structure and special attributes of the text. The hence enabled presentation of the full text goes far beyond solely storing the text next to the image.


Abb. 2 First, the text will be OCRed automaticaly. Second, it will be encoded and enriched compliant to TEI-P5.

Scientifical editing

After (semi-)automatic encoding we'll proceed with enriching the code (per ›tag‹) with extra infomation based on certain user-settings. The project aims at offering a comfortable high-quality database to which access is free of charge. Hence we'll be able to offer certain opportunies of researching the material which go far beyond the solely analogue text. This means a real scientific surplus.

Presentation system

The so called Goobi Digitization Suite — a software solution of the latest generation funded by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft/German Research Foundation) — was developed by the GDZ Göttingen and the SLUB Dresden. 

The Goobi Digitization Suite consists of two parts: Goobi.Production is a web-based tool for managing your digitization workflow using Java technology. Regarding our project, the second part is more important: Goobi.Presentation is a full-featured web presentation layer for digital material, based on the TYPO3 CMS Framework. The presentation of the facsimile makes use of Goobi.Presentation.

In order to being able to present text versions of our digitized data and a special image-text-viewer we make use of a own software solution developed in cooperation with the »Deutsches Textarchiv«. This software is considered open source and freely available to everyone.